Information stand for exhibitors - UDSTILLERINFO - at stand number 160

As exhibitors, you have access to the Information stand for exhibitors, called "UDSTILLERINFO", before and during the Danish Learning Festival. The Information stand is located at stand number 160, and here you can find DKLF employees who will be able to answer your questions.

You can also:

  • Pick up your pre-ordered voucher and tickets for coffee, Exhibitors Networking Event and the Networking Dinner.
  • Purchase wardrobe tickets and additional coffee vouchers
  • Collect more water for the staff at your stand
  • Pre-book your stand or wish for another location for the Danish Learning Festival 2021. You can also pre-book a stand in the evaluation, which you will receive after the Festival.

See the location of the Information stand for exhibitors, UDSTILLERINFO" on the stands map.

Please note: Catering tickets can be picked up at the C2 Café (OrangUtan).

DKLF 2021

See the stands map (draft, updated regularly)

Important dates

December 2, 2019: Book extra equipment from Bigini

December 20, 2019: Deadline for sending descriptions of presentations

January 6, 2020: For exhibitors building their own stand: Deadline for sending stand outline to Bigini

January 20, 2020: Deadline for booking (stand, advertisement)

January 20, 2020: Deadline for sending advertisements for printing

February 3, 2020: Deadline for ordering/changing orders for extra equipment from Bigini (orders placed after this date will have a 10% charge added)

February 21, 2020: Deadline for ordering catering from Bella Center

March 3, 2020: Access to Bella Center from 4pm to 9pm for setting up your stand

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